Sustainable future for women and children

Civil and political war always leaves behind a trail of destruction in affected regions, particularly infrastructural destruction. Of more concern, however, are the psychological wounds inflicted on residents of war torn regions, especially women and children.

For this vulnerable demographic, getting life back on track and pursuing their dreams is almost impossible especially when they are forced to relocate to safer grounds as refugees. In partnership with RefuSHE, Fireside Group has stepped in to fill this gap, giving dozens of refugee girls the hope for a better future through sponsorship and mentorship

The goal of the partnership is to ensure that refugee girls who have found a safe haven in Kenya get more than just that; they are given the opportunity to empower themselves economically through guidance and mentorship to venture into business and IT.

Many refugee girls are just as capable of excelling in business and IT as their male counterparts, but they lack access to the requisite resources. Fireside Group and RefuSHE are passionate about offering these girls the necessary resources to reach their full potential. While RefuSHE offers refugee girls a home and a new life, Fireside Group offers the girls the hope for a bright future through career launching mentorship and training in the IT field