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Fireside ‘lights up’ Kabete Rehabilitation School

As part of our efforts to give back to the community, Fireside supports the Kabete Rehabilitation School in a number of ways including mentorship, hygiene and institutional infrastructure upgrade. In 2018, Fireside commissioned an electrical repairs project that would see the school’s poor lighting system upgraded from a deplorable state where the boys at the school used to miss evening preps because their classrooms did not have lamps, and they would also eat and sleep in dimly lit rooms. Read more

A clean shave... Literally

At Fireside Group, we view students at the Kabete Rehabilitation Centre as our sons. Having been cast away from the society, very few people follow up on the boys' well-being. Fireside group is committed to seeing the boys develop psychologically and physically, and at the same time impart in them behaviour that makes them socially acceptable for example personal hygiene. In July, we sponsored a a visit by a barber to the Kabete Rehabilitation School and the end result was clean and sparkling shaved heads, literally .

Parenting millenials in the 21st century

Due to emerging modernity, teenagers need to hear about the reality of life from someone other than their parents and teachers. Fireside Group is committed to guiding girls at Kirenga Secondary through adolescence. On July 11, Courtesy of Fireside Group, the girls received life coaching from Rogers Munene, a motivational speaker.

Modern day parenting

For parents who were brought up through the rod, guidance sessions on how best to approach modern day parenting (bringing up difficult millenials without caning) are imperative. Lucky parents at Kirenga Girls High School got to benefit from one such session on June 6, courtesy of Fireside Group..

Sports day at Kabete rehabiliation school

Boys from Kabete Rehab School engage Fireside staff in a tug of war. It is important for children with behavioral issues to interact with other members of the society and learn that they are no different. This impacts on their self-esteem and hastens their assimilation back into the society.

Building character by rewarding good behaviour

The best way to build character is punishing bad behaviour and rewarding good behaviour. During the Fireside Group sports day together with the Kabete Rehabilitation Centre on June 23, the boys were rewarded not only for their exceptional performance, but also for their good behaviour throughout the day.

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