Mary Anne Muthoni

Maryanne was born one and half months before time, and only two months into her young life she was separated from her mum who had to leave for Dubai to work. Maryanne had to be left under the care of her grandmother, Grace. All was well until her family discovered she had cerebral palsy which wasn’t detected during birth. Her life took a different turn after she was diagnosed with Cerebral palsy and had to be enrolled for therapy at Kiambu General Hospital, the same place where she was born. Therapy improved Maryanne’s condition but this wasn’t to last long. She left her grandmother’s and went to live with her father.

Her growth curve started reversing prompting for a further checkup at Gertrude’s Hospital where the family was strictly instructed to take good care of her as she could lead a normal life if given proper care. The family later learnt that her health deteriorated as Maryanne never got a chance to interact with other children. She spent most of her time locked up in a house alone.

There were days she was left unattended in a goat’s shed. Her relocation upcountry reversed all the milestones Maryanne had made. She lost weight, stopped crawling and even stopped talking. Initially, Maryanne could talk, walk and communicate. She could also pick up objects and her posture was good. All these are now gone and Maryanne is back to the drawing board again.

Fireside Group resolved to donate a cerebral palsy wheelchair to Mary Anne. With the wheelchair, Mary Ann's mobility has greatly increased and it is now easier for her family to take her to therapy.

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