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Nancy is a mother of three, she had four children but the second-born passed on after a severe pneumonia attack occasioned by cerebral palsy at the age of seven.

Except for the first child who is now nine years old all her other children are palsied. She also has a four-month baby, Valentine, who is also palsied but not as severe as Hope.

According to medical experts at Kijabe hospital, Nancy and her husband have recessive genes associated with cerebral palsy no wonder their children are born this way.

Nancy was forced to quit her employment to take care of her children. Hope, who is seven years old, is the third-born of the family and was born with the condition.

Hope has challenges in coordination and her body and limbs are stiff. She cannot sit upright since she has a weak spinal cord.

Hope’s mother wishes Hope can get the opportunity to interact with other children.

She believes that a wheelchair will help in moving Hope outdoors to give her a chance to interact with her peers.