July 28, 2018
Kabete Rehabilitation School: Joint career day

After leaving school, girls often venture into the traditionally female dominated career fields such as the service industry, journalism, and hospitality. Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) are left to the ‘macho’ men who are assumed to be better in dealing with the mental and occupational difficulties associated with these fields. Fireside Group, Safaricom, Innova, iHub, Data Science and Akirachix would like to change the narrative and see more girls go against the grain and venture into these male dominated career fields. .

The career open day is an opportunity to bring the girls at RefuSHE and Kirenga Girls High School face to face with the STEM ‘monster’ and help them understand what venturing into the technical field entails. The exhibitors will set up stands and carry out practical demonstrations of what actually happens on the ground for each technical sector, for example telecommunications engineering, data science, and software engineering. At the end of the day, girls who stand out from the rest in terms of interest and potential in the various technical fields covered will be absorbed into an intensive career launching program. The girls are also expected to develop more confidence in their potential once they interact with female business and IT gurus who hail from backgrounds as humble or troubled as theirs, but who have managed to beat all odds and emerge successful businesswomen.

The open career day also targets boys at the Kabete Rehabilitation School. Due to behavioral or personal issues, the boys at the school have been isolated from the society as part of the correctional process. The society, however, views these boys are outcasts, leaving them feeling unwanted and undeserving. Mentorship through the open career day is aimed at showing the boys that the world holds inexhaustible opportunities for them to start their lives over on a clean slate. The career open day is also meant to reinforce the boys’ faith in themselves as worthy members of the society since they will get to freely interact with role model figures from different walks of life without discrimination or isolation. .

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