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Corporate Social Responsibility


One of the great things that any community can do is not teach tolerance, but live tolerance, not talk respect, but live inclusivity.” – Michael Pritchard

Fireside is committed to give back to the society in which we live and operate. We envision to develop “A better society and a future that is all-inclusive” and therefore strive to understand the people, environment and the large society that we exist in. We are proud to offer support to others through partnerships and thus achieve sustainable growth and development within the society by uplifting

Stephen Karau

Realising she wasn’t getting enough help at Kiambu Hospital where her son was being treated since he was born, Petronila sought a different opinion from Kijabe Hospital where she got to understand what cerebral palsy really is.

Hope Kimani

Nancy is a mother of three, she had four children but the second-born passed on after a severe pneumonia attack occasioned by cerebral palsy at the age of seven. Except for the first child who is now nine years old all her other children are palsied. She also has a four-month baby, Valentine, who is also palsied but not as severe as Hope.

Gloria Achieng

Gloria Achieng’ will be turning five in August this year. She was born well but three months into her young life, she started convulsing. The convulsions led to Gloria’s current condition. Several trips to the hospital, Gloria’s mother Terry, never got an answer to her daughter’s health puzzle.

Hannington Ochulo

Hannington is 21 years old and an only child. He was diagnosed with meningitis when he was two years old. The condition later mutated into a stroke. His waist is twisted completely and he cannot sit upright.

Maryanne Muthoni

Maryanne’s story is not different from that of Stephen Karau. Her resilience and determination is however unrivaled. She has defied a host of challenges to live to see her fifth birthday as she turned five this year.

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