About us

The Fireside Story

We offer a full design and build service to ensure compliance with all relevant standards and the latest technologies, whilst meeting and exceeding client expectations. Our project leaders empathetically coordinate diverse specialists and highly qualified engineers to deliver designs that realize our client’s goals.

Our success, reputation, accreditations, and affiliations are built on a comprehensive mix of quality, service, and craftsmanship, matched by the continuous development of our skills and our understanding of evolving technologies; thus, we are capable of delivering innovative turnkey solutions to our clients.

Fireside engineering teams are fully committed to the timely execution of projects, to providing full attention and the highest priority to get the job done. We, therefore, complete our assignments within reasonable budgets and schedules. Efficiency particularly dominates the conversation with today’s clients and the use of capital, land, operating budgets and natural resources are common themes. And this translates into expanded project value to our clients. Communication with our clients is equally valuable in order to understand, meet, and exceed their requirements in providing complex turnkey solutions.

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