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Realising she wasn’t getting enough help at Kiambu Hospital where her son was being treated since he was born, Petronila sought a different opinion from Kijabe Hospital where she got to understand what cerebral palsy really is.

It is also at Kijabe Hospital where she met a Good Samaritan who booked another appointment at Aga Khan Hospital where doctors also confirmed that Karau had cerebral palsy and advised that he be enrolled for therapy immediately.

The Good Samaritan paid for Karau’s therapy for two years and thanks to this, he can now move his feet and arms but cannot sit upright. Clearly, Karau has decided to bravely take on what comes his way. He is currently battling recurrent tonsillitis which affects his appetite whenever he has an infection.

Stephen Karau and his mum Petronila at home. Karau is in dire need of a wheel chair

Although Karau can hear, he can neither talk nor move but is ever jovial. After an assessment by the National Council of People Living with Disabilities, Petronila was advised not to take Karau to school as his condition cannot allow him to interact with his peers normally.

Petronila worked as a day burg before Karau was born but now she cannot do any job as Karau needs her by his side throughout as he cannot do anything on his own.

Karau’s father is a casual worker mainly in construction sites in Githunguri. With this little income, the family can hardly provide and meet Karau’s needs.

The family also currently lives with Karau’s grandmother who also suffered a stroke a while back therefore in need of special care.

Karau is in dire need of a wheel chair to aid his mobility at home. He also requires constant supply of sanitary materials but his parents cannot afford to meet this need owing to their financial constraints.