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Gloria Achieng’ will be turning five in August this year. She was born well but three months into her young life, she started convulsing. The convulsions led to Gloria’s current condition.

Several trips to the hospital, Gloria’s mother Terry, never got an answer to her daughter’s health puzzle. The few doctors she met assured her that Gloria was well only to be told later that Gloria was disabled and her disability was spine-related. The doctors also assured her they would get a solution to her condition when she turned five.

Gloria cannot sit, talk or feed herself. Her appetite also went south when the convulsions started. It has been a painful but a rewarding journey for her mother Terry who has had to battle the stigma that comes with raising a child with special needs.

Gloria doesn’t know what it feels like to play with other children. Her condition has confined her and the only person who understands her language is her mother whom she spends most of her time with.

Her mother also had to close her small githeri business to take care of Gloria. She now depends on her family for survival. It is not easy as even relatives give up on her and her baby at times.

Terry was kicked out of her matrimonial home at some point and the husband even brought in another wife.

She had to move back to her parent’s but two years later her husband returned and convinced her to go back to her matrimonial home. Things however never worked between her and her husband.

Terry’s turbulent marriage has not spared Gloria’s health either. Terry has however, put her marriage issues behind her and now wants to focus on giving Gloria the best.

She is currently looking forward to get Sh600 capital to re-establish her githeri business.