Fireside ‘lights up’ Kabete Rehabilitation School

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As part of our efforts to give back to the community, Fireside supports the Kabete Rehabilitation School in a number of ways including mentorship, hygiene and institutional infrastructure upgrade. In 2018, Fireside commissioned an electrical repairs project that would see the school’s poor lighting system upgraded from a deplorable state where the boys at the school used to miss evening preps because their classrooms did not have lamps, and they would also eat and sleep in dimly lit rooms.

Their teachers could also not get any work done at night since their offices did not have enough lighting and it was easy for intruders to sneak in and out because there were no security lights in place. Between August and November, Fireside made amends to all these faults by installing lamps, switches and sockets in the school’s classrooms, library, dormitories, dining hall, welfare offices, and security area. The fruits of this project have already started manifesting through the educational performance of the students.

In the 2018 KCPE for example, the students recorded exemplary performance granted their current situation as juvenile inmates and life backgrounds with the top student scoring 358/500 marks, a difference of less than 100 marks from the exam’s overall top scorer. He has already reported to Jamhuri High School and the current candidates who now have no excuse for poor performance are looking forward to joining even more prestigious schools come 2020.

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